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Our Stoves:

The initial question people always ask is why choose a stove in the first place.
Are they not expensive and difficult to install?

Did you know that a staggering 70% of the heat generated from an average open fire can escape up the chimney! Modern stoves burn so efficiently that less than 20% of your heat escapes, thereby reducing fuel costs and harmful emissions. A good quality & well installed stove will pay for itself very quickly considering the reduced fuel usage and the increased heat output to your home.

With regard to installation, whether you want a stand alone heat source or to heat your water and radiators,stove installation should be carried out by a competent installer so you get the best results.Also a good installer will advise you on how to best fit the flue pipe & the safest way!

**It doesnt pay in the long run, to just go for the cheapest installation price.Make sure the installer knows what they are doing & ask for names of people they previously done work for to check them out**

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