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Charnwood Island 3B Multifuel Stove







Nominal Output:- To Room 9kw(30,725Btu/hr)    To integral Boiler 9kw(30,725Btu/hr)    Flue Size:- Top ot Rear 178mm(7")

*The Island IIIB has an Integral boiler with an output suitable for heating domestic hot water and approximately 10 radiators.
It is a thermostatically controlled stove  which is water temperature sensitive, enabling this model to be used with sophisticated central heating controls.

*Cleanburn "airwash" system using preheated air for combustion purposes which ensures clean glass and reduced emissions The secondary airwash air is controlled by the thermostat.

*This model has very easy to operate riddling grate to allow easy removal of ash. The grate can also be opened slightly to increase burning rate when required.

*A cool to touch handle.

*Large firebox with the ability to burn up to 550mm logs.

*You can sweep the chimney through the stove with the drop-down throat plate.

*Comes with a wooden handled multi-functional tool for riddling and ash disposal included.

*Boiler firebox comes with a market leading 3 year parts guarantee. 

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